‘Fás | Growth’ Out Now

I’m delighted to say that my début poetry collection, Fás | Growth, is now available to buy on Amazon and Kobo from today!

The title of the collection notes the ten years of poetry that showcase my formative years as a writer, covering various themes from love to depression, social commentary to national identity, and spirituality to satire. Over fifty poems, written in both English and Irish, cover the period 2007-2016, as I find my own place in the world, and now on the bookshelves.

As the collection’s editor, Marian Butler, writes: “Some of the Irish poems are translated into English, some are not, and this is arbitrary”. Indeed, some poems – in English or Irish – stand alone without translation, but this collection will still appeal to the reader regardless of their language, I hope.

Like all writers when their work is finally sent out onto the bookshelves, I’ve a few people to thank for the support. Marian Butler of MKB Publishing, for taking on the mammoth task of going through a decade of poetry, and figuring out which ones were best to put on show in this collection. I also have to thank Siún Ní Dhuinn of As an Nua, for being willing to read though the poetry and add her foreword in Irish to it, realising that she has known me since the earliest of these poems were written.

The poetry will hopefully impress, entertain, and hopefully leave you thinking for a few moments after you read it. If so, then my job is done.

Fás | Growth is published by MKB Publishing, and now available on Amazon and Kobo

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