Ireland, United (Under Europe)?

One’s sense of national identity is naturally influenced by one’s physical, family, and community environments. History, education, and current affairs each play an obvious role also, and while every personal experience and definition of identity is different, common ground can still emerge from the ether.

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Notes from Nottingham: Finding Home

“I was in such a panic earlier!”

My new friend meets me in a pub just off from Nottingham’s Old Market Square, where a large ferris wheel lights up the cold February night. She appears to have a more nervous energy about her than normal, and I only know half the story from our conversation on Twitter the previous day.

“My boyfriend was reading something in the Guardian“, she explains, “that the UK is starting to refuse residency applications, and I don’t even have mine in yet! I was told that whatever happened, we’d still have two years until I needed to apply. If they’re already refusing Europeans, then what’s going to happen?” Continue reading “Notes from Nottingham: Finding Home”

Notes from Nottingham: Is Winter Over Yet?

For  the last few weeks, I’ve started to wonder if Britain has managed to go on some tectonic exchange programme with Siberia. To leave any building with central heating is to take your life into your own hands, and you can easily practice looking into the distance with a melancholic look, like a character from The Killing. Nottingham is beautiful on a clear day – whatever the season – but when it’s grey, it’s as dull as it gets.

Still, there has been enough to keep myself active during the cold weather, although my resolution to avoid chocolate has shockingly been uninterrupted. Surely that deserves some sort of Nobel prize… Continue reading “Notes from Nottingham: Is Winter Over Yet?”

Ag Éalú na Cathrach

Shuí mé taobh leis an bhfuinneog, ag fanacht chun an traein a fhágáil ó stáisiún Nottingham, agus chun an turas go Londain a thosnú. I ndiaidh cúpla lá liath scamallach, bhí tráthnóna na hoíche sin go breá; ó spéir ghorm, go spéir rua, nuair a d’éirigh sé níos dorcha, le nóiméad corcra le feiceáil sa chlapsholas. Continue reading “Ag Éalú na Cathrach”