• Poem: Prayer

    Poem: Prayer

    We are uneasy, living in such mundane luxury as this: The privilege of stasis, waiting on the last to die like the first-born sons of Egypt while we at home watch dust build over dust, ashes to ashes. We, rich – for now – in hygiene and health know not the pain of that final…

  • A New Dawn

    A New Dawn

    Last year gave me a new sense of gratitude, and a desire not to take those smaller moments for granted.

  • How I’m Managing to Stay Sane (For Now)

    How I’m Managing to Stay Sane (For Now)

    It has been a long while since I’ve had the energy or desire to blog. Not because I didn’t have anything to say (my Twitter can probably attest to that) but rather that there has been a guiding voice in my mind this year that reassures me that I didn’t need to burn myself out…

  • After This, Let’s Remember How We United

    After This, Let’s Remember How We United

    Most of us are in some form of a community, but lately, we’ve welcomed that community spirit back into our homes.

  • Interval


    An interval allows for an opportunity to reflect, however, on what has taken place in the story so far.