Poem: Nightwalk

Trigger Warning: Assault, Murder

In memory of Sarah Everard.

Breath by breath 
she counts, in and out
and thinks of anything else
tonight was a good night, overall

Step by step
the path she knew so well
was darker then, but the same danger
for threats persist without shadow. 

Inch by inch
the goosebumps ran
over skin he touched, before:
Sorry, I’ve got a man” 

A lie which lay
between scorn and escape, 
his eyes seared into hers, piercing:
Right, whatever, see ya later” 

Pick up the pace,
keys firm in hand
should a cat call need a southpaw 
only six more streets left.

Steps echoed to a rhythm
not of her own, for echoes of
sound and mind keep apace 
don’t look back, just go

but pace and path
catch up at last
and a laneway became a gateway
– exit, stage left. 

Rose by rose,
the petals fall
with heads down as her coffin’s laid low 

And yet, they’ll explain
instead of how he got away, 
that it was her fault, somehow,
she was slain.

Cork, 11 March 2021


Poem: Prayer

We are uneasy, living
in such mundane luxury as this:

The privilege of stasis,
waiting on the last to die
like the first-born sons of Egypt
while we at home watch dust build
over dust, ashes to ashes.

We, rich
– for now –
in hygiene and health
know not the pain of that final Facetime,
a window without closure,
yet we’re all in this together.

While heretics sacrifice
humanity to false gods,
not in search of promised land
but to maim our immortal soul
and take from us our hope and love

And yet, throughout, we faithful pray
for salvation, sought in how we stay
and wait for the glory of a warm embrace.

Cork, 1 February 2021

English, Gaeilge

Poem: Be Still / Fan Socair

Irish version below / Leagan Gaeilge thíos

Be Still

How bizarre for us all 
this silence seems to be 
instead of the rush 
of cars, calls, or crowds 
from place to place 
without a single destination in mind 

As if someone, somewhere 
raised an alarm – 
the Earth herself pleading 
for a moment's rest, 
to catch one's breath 
and let the skies clear. 

And what harm? 
If we, silent, are safe 
we have this chance 
to see speed is not the saviour, 

but humanity. 

Fan Socair

Is aisteach dúinn 
an ciúnas seo 
In ionad na tráchta, 
na cainte, na sluaite 
ag dul timpeall na háite 
gan sprioc ach chun luas a choimeád. 

Ar nós gur ardaíodh 
aláram – 
an Domhan é féin ag impí 
orainn sos a ghlacadh 
chun anáil a tharraingt
fad is a ghlantar an spéir. 

Agus cén dochar? 
Más slán sinn, 
tá deis againn 
a fheiceáil nach é luas an laoch 

ach an daonnacht.

Cork / Corcaigh
31 March/Márta 2020


Preparing for (re)Launch

The last few weeks brought with them a surge of creative energy in me recently, and I haven’t let such precious energy go to waste!

I’m currently waiting on the proof copies of Yesterdates to be delivered from the printers, where my editor and I will examine every page before preparing the paperback edition for the big bookshelf world. I’ve even had a few bookworms look over the digital edition to get their feedback, and it was overwhelmingly positive. I really cannot wait to share this new book with you, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did while writing and reviewing it. In the meantime, if you’re more of an ebook reader than a paperback fan (or you just can’t wait), you can now pre-order Yesterdates on Apple Books, Goodreads, Rakuten Kobo, and any good ebook provider.

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Picking Back Up the Pen

Dear reader,

I don’t know about you, but every so often, I feel like I’m fighting a battle between which version of myself is meant to be the ‘main’ me. Scott, the writer and poet. Scott, the marketing professional. Scottie, that Dubliner who lives with his partner in Cork. Scott, the (wannabe) blogger, or just that random guy you might not even notice on a bus… like I am right now.

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