Where One Book Ends, Another Two Begin

I’m writing this in the warm, cozy, and inviting Fisher’s bar in Cork’s Kingsley Hotel, with a pint of Irish cider bubbling lightly beside my Chromebook. It’s a Sunday evening, and I have spent the entire day on my own, as my partner fiancé (I’m still getting used to that) is in Kentucky for work, and my parents’ weekend visit to the Rebel County finished this morning, with their return to Dublin.

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Preparing for (re)Launch

The last few weeks brought with them a surge of creative energy in me recently, and I haven’t let such precious energy go to waste!

I’m currently waiting on the proof copies of Yesterdates to be delivered from the printers, where my editor and I will examine every page before preparing the paperback edition for the big bookshelf world. I’ve even had a few bookworms look over the digital edition to get their feedback, and it was overwhelmingly positive. I really cannot wait to share this new book with you, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did while writing and reviewing it. In the meantime, if you’re more of an ebook reader than a paperback fan (or you just can’t wait), you can now pre-order Yesterdates on Apple Books, Goodreads, Rakuten Kobo, and any good ebook provider.

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