Scott’s books are available in paperback and ebook editions worldwide. Click on any title below to learn more.

Elysium // Párthas

The second bilingual poetry collection from Scott De Buitléir, including a foreword from Edinburgh-based Gaelic poet, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir.

2021 – Poetry – MKB Publications

Forgiving Jake

A romantic short novel based on the life of Sarah, a young woman whose life is turned upside-down after the sudden death of her boyfriend.

2020 – Fiction – MKB Publications

Cover of Scott's book, Yesterdates


An autobiographical collection of romantic mishaps and hilarious moments, based on Scott’s former dating column in Polari magazine.

2019 – Non-fiction – MKB Publishing

The Irish Outlander

When the Irish are known for travelling, what does ‘home’ mean for those far away from Ireland?

2018 – Non-fiction – MKB Publishing

Fás | Growth

The début poetry collection from Scott De Buitléir, with poems in English and Irish on love, loss, and growing up.

2017 – Poetry – MKB Publishing