“…just give a pre-prepared excuse and make a dash for the nearest exit; something like “oh I really must go, I just remembered that I left my mother in the oven”. Or maybe “I’m so sorry, but I have to say goodbye to my cat before she’s launched into space”. And then run. RUN.”

Yesterdates is a collection of hilarious, heartwarming, and all-too-relatable tales of a single twenty-something, hopelessly in love with the idea of finding Mr. Right.

An image of the cover of the new book by Scott De Buitléir, titled Yesterdates.

Based on Scott De Buitléir’s gay dating column in the now-defunct Polari magazine, Yesterdates gives a light-hearted and honest account of various dating disasters, from bizarre cat impersonators to flirtatious baristas, with some sweet moments of young love and self-discovery along the way.

In his third book, Scott completes the journey to find love with a final chapter to prove that even taking a chance on a ‘practice date’ could end up to become true love.