Poem: Be Still / Fan Socair

Irish version below / Leagan Gaeilge thíos

Be Still

How bizarre for us all 
this silence seems to be 
instead of the rush 
of cars, calls, or crowds 
from place to place 
without a single destination in mind 

As if someone, somewhere 
raised an alarm – 
the Earth herself pleading 
for a moment's rest, 
to catch one's breath 
and let the skies clear. 

And what harm? 
If we, silent, are safe 
we have this chance 
to see speed is not the saviour, 

but humanity. 

Fan Socair

Is aisteach dúinn 
an ciúnas seo 
In ionad na tráchta, 
na cainte, na sluaite 
ag dul timpeall na háite 
gan sprioc ach chun luas a choimeád. 

Ar nós gur ardaíodh 
aláram – 
an Domhan é féin ag impí 
orainn sos a ghlacadh 
chun anáil a tharraingt
fad is a ghlantar an spéir. 

Agus cén dochar? 
Más slán sinn, 
tá deis againn 
a fheiceáil nach é luas an laoch 

ach an daonnacht.

Cork / Corcaigh
31 March/Márta 2020


The restrictions are now in place. Whether or not our Taoiseach wants to label it so, this is now a lockdown, for the next fortnight at least. So, I decide to do the only thing that comes naturally to me in difficult times: Write.

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A Call to Action for All

To call these “challenging times” as we have seen so often lately, from newspaper columns and company annoucements to emails between colleagues, somehow lessens the stark reality of what is really going on. Sometimes, that’s intentional; an effort to put aside the one news story dominating the world, and try to return to a brief moment of reality. Sometimes, it’s acknowledging the crisis while trying to remain calm, or even optimistic. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t really know what else to say.

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Back To My Roots

One’s home is often considered a sanctuary: A place to escape from the hustle & bustle of the outside world, recharge from the day’s work, and spend quality time with family and loved ones. It’s a place to rest, reconnect, and feel safe.

Our new home, however, has not yet felt like that. Sadly, the renovation delays on our new house have dragged on even further, and have taken a serious turn. I won’t say more on it for a few reasons, other than while the delays to our plans have been truly heartbreaking (and almost spirit-breaking), there is only recently some new hope to get across the finish line.

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For Peace Comes Dropping Slow

Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned: It has been three months since my last blog entry

Since then, my partner and I have moved from our temporary accommodation in Cork and into the house we bought over the summer. That being said, it’s still a building site work-in-progress, with varying availabilities of running water, heat, and absolutely no wifi. Needless to say, it isn’t exactly somewhere where writing would be high up on my to-do list when there’s wallpaper to strip, furniture to buy, handymen to manage, walls to paint, and everything else that comes with a renovation or new home.

On top of that, September was mostly spent away from Ireland. One week in San Francisco, two weeks in Seattle, and a well-needed holiday with the other half and my best friend in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia. While my time in the U.S. was for the day-job, I had little energy left to assign to writing, and Latvia was an opportunity to reconnect, recharge, and enjoy the peace.

That being said, the downtime and relaxation gave me enough energy to complete a major project of mine. This weekend, I’ve managed to finish the first draft of my upcoming novella, Forgiving Jake! It’s a tale of how one young woman’s life is turned upside-down with two phone calls, and what she needs to do to move on from tragedy. The short novel is my first complete work of fiction, and I cannot wait to share it with you in springtime next year.

I will have another poetry collection available in 2020 also, fully bilingual in English and Irish. Elysium is a collection of poems that explore love and family connections, as well as letting go of some baggage from the past. Although still incomplete, it’s already a collection that I’m quite proud of, and I expect it to be released early next year.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to travelling to Berlin and Malta over the next few weeks, which will be able to balance some relaxation against the work that’s needed to make ourselves at home in our new house. I’ve recently joined the newly-formed Outstaged Theatre Group in Cork, which is sparking new writing ideas already within me, but I think I already have enough going on before I take on something else new. I’ve also started finally going back to the gym, and thankfully it’s a routine that is sticking around, this time.

Until next time!

S x