Allowing Myself to Recalibrate

When I left radio (somewhat publicly) in 2015, I thought I needed to abandon part of myself.

I was almost a year into my new career in digital marketing, and doing well at it, noticing that I enjoyed using my communications skills at something new. Even better, I was getting paid for it, which was a major bonus in comparison to the work I had done for digital radio. At the same time, the efforts put into another digital project, EILE Magazine, paid off in the sense that we covered the marriage equality campaign as an independent LGBT media platform, and although it has continued to this day as a voluntary effort, it was not possible to turn it into a business for various reasons. In short, I learned and accepted that my financial future was not in Irish media.

Fast forward to today, and I realise that I’ve grown so much since I made the decision to leave the media behind. I’ve relocated twice more, travelled the world, written and published several books, bought a house with my partner, and settled down in a beautiful part of the world. I’ve been extremely fortunate in many of my life experiences and opportunities, and I’ve little to complain about.

And yet, if I’m honest, I’ve missed being in front of a microphone and producing.

That got me thinking; if I wanted to produce something again, without the restraints of radio (length of broadcast, schedule, getting to a studio), what would I like to do? Well, I’d like to do what I normally enjoy doing with people; getting lost in deep and meaningful conversations, learning about the experiences of others, and feeling connected to them.

Recalibrate is my effort to do just that. I’ve reached out to chat with friends who each have a wonderful story to tell, from faith to politics, and from learning about diversity to becoming an entrepreneur. The episodes will be released every Monday, with two episodes currently available; Finding Faith with community & political activist, and blogger, Stephen Spillane, and on Race, Community, and Discovering Your Voice, with Claire Bale, blogger of That’s A Bit Racey.

Let me know what you think if you listen to any of the series! You can find Recalibrate on the following podcast platforms:

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